ALRONA at the annual meeting at
Lam, Bavaria, Germany 2008

Photos courtesy of Mr. Harry Barth

Helga Panthel and Michael Roesch

ALRONA Group :
Upper row: Marina Schloesser and Harry Barth
Standing: Albert and Else Bauer, Ursula Roesch, W.Knoblauch,Michelle Fuchs, Lesley Culpan, Wilma Renkel, Irmgard Barth,George Culpan, Hugo Fuchs, Renate Geerdts, Mr.Renkel, Margret Steuck, Hans Steuck and Helga Panthel

Irmgard Barth and Renate Geerdts

Helga Panthel and Wolfram Knoblauch

Albert and Else Bauer

Irmgard and Harry Barth

Michelle and Hugo Fuchs

Mr. and Wilma Renkel

Renate Geerdts, Wolfram Knoblauch and Marina Schloesser.

Margret Steuck, W.Knoblauch and Hans Steuck
Member of the Gemeinschaft Ehemaliger Lufthanseaten e.V.
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