JFK Station 1960's-1990's
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From left to right:

Uwe Hinrichs, Heinz Langfeld, Ted Wolf, Rolf Hoehn, Mike Stier, Klaus Zimmermann.

Remember the major worldwide re-organization in 1988?
The Executive Board had nominated five Vice Presidents (NYCGL, CHIGL, LAXGL, ATLGL, MIAGL) and 1 Coordinator in NYC to take charge of Lufthansa in the USA. 20 years have passed since than, and

Uwe Hinrichs organized a "20 Year Anniversary" meeting for the "old guard" and their spouses in Sarasota, Florida from 16th to 18th of February 2008.
It turned out to be a fun filled and wonderful weekend. The b&w picture shows the 5 VPs in their "prime time", and the second picture shows the same guys with the Coordinator 20 years later, this time retired, relaxed and simply enjoying their lives.

Reservations Memories, 1970-2004
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Presentation Courtesy of Joyce Murray

Frankfurt 1969
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L: Maria Maerz, R: Rosmarie Houck

L: Rosmarie Houck, R: Maria Maerz
Photos Courtesy of
Rosmarie Montague-Tiesler


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Photos Courtesy of
Wolf Knoblauch


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  Photos Courtesy of
Wolf Knoblauch

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